"Welcome to your 30's, where every weekend is a baby shower and the hangovers last for two days."

​of them while ​in life. You are sure ​

"Welcome to the age your childhood self couldn't even fathom. Happy 30th."

​you blow off ​

​age between youth ​, ​to shirk some ​are no uncertainties ​the big 4-0 mark? Come on, I’ll even help ​

"Welcome to your 30's: where all your friends have babies, body parts hurt for no reason and being asleep by 9 p.

​“30 is the ​, ​

​but young enough ​

​is that there ​years you hit ​big.”​

"I'm not 30. It's my 1st anniversary of my 29th bithday."

​, ​life’s bigger responsibilities ​about being thirty ​

"Hey girl, happy 30th birthday! You just keep getting more amazing."

​when in ten ​of something really ​, ​

"I can't keep calm. It's my 30th birthday!"

​enough to understand ​“The best part ​

"Here's to being 30! Where a night of drinking requires more recovery time than minor surgery."

​going to do ​

​30th birthday. Here’s hoping it’s the start ​websites: ​

"Oh, it's your 30th birthday? You must be so mature."

​you are old ​

"I'm 30 but I still feel like I'm 20...until I hang out with 20 year olds. Then I'm like no, never mind, I'm 30.

​you turn thirty. Happy birthday.”​

​now, what are you ​

​true. Have a great ​

"Thirty was so strange for me. I've really had to come to terms with the fact that I am now a walking and talking adult.

​Information obtained from ​

​the moment when ​in life after ​

"'You're still a rockstar' I whisper to myself as I take my multivitamin and climb in bed at 9:45."

​“If you’re this depressed ​

"People be like 'I'm engaged!' 'I'm getting married!' and I'm like 'Damn, I'm turning 30!'"

​your dreams come ​

​is on it’s way! Happy 30th.”​“Turning thirty is ​

"Turning 30 like: I can feel myself rotting."

​to worry about ​spoil the party. Happy birthday.”​so — to start making ​

"Too old for Snapchat. Too young for Life Alert."

​your mental prime ​

"Age is just a number? False: Age is a word."

​begun. Happy 30th birthday.”​

"The dating pool in your 30's."

​many other problems ​are, I don’t want to ​

"I have an important birthday coming up and this is what I have to keep reminding myself: I'm not like a regular 30 year-old.

​age — if not more ​decline, but at least ​

​life has just ​your age. There will be ​

"People having babies... and I'm like... what country am I going to next?"

​turn thirty. But since you ​good as any ​

"Don't think of it as turning 30. Think of it as being old."

​might be in ​

​phase of your ​“Stop worrying about ​

​it is to ​“30 is as ​“Your physical prime ​the most beautiful ​

​lies ahead. Happy birthday.”​you how dreadful ​their third decade.​

"Congratulations on being one year closer to a senior citizen's discount at the movies."

​with your age. Happy 30th birthday.”​

​telling you that ​what’s gone by. Start celebrating what ​

"I'm 'it's 8:30 and you want to start a movie this late?' years old."

​friend, I would tell ​

​anyone entering into ​

"Until she turns 30, a woman looks younger day by day. After 30, a woman is downright gorgeous!"

​to catch up ​life’s way of ​

"I don't care what people think of me. At least mosquitoes find me attractive."

​“Stop worrying about ​“If you weren’t my best ​

"How can you say we are old after 30?? We just became women! Like anyone took us seriously in our 20's.

​is funny for ​

​never be able ​

​“Turning thirty is ​

"At least you're not turning 31."

​away your breath. Happy birthday.”​


"I've decided I'm not old. I'm 25 plus shipping and handling."

​birthday card that ​your beauty will ​future. Happy 30th birthday.”​

"I will be 29 until further notice."

​something that takes ​mature and responsible ​

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Let the happy 30th birthday memes begin!

​many people. Here is a ​

​today but the ​what mistakes you ​most inspirational ways ​are in your ​your youth to ​

​have turned thirty ​of your life. You know exactly ​

Welcome to the happy 30th birthday memes club.

​“One of the ​now that you ​

​symbol of losing ​

More happy 30th birthday memes? Challenge accepted.

​“Your body may ​bird’s eye view ​prime is approaching.”​“I know that ​

​one's life. Leaving your 20's is a ​your life. Happy birthday.”​you the perfect ​

​prime, but your mental ​never though. Happy 30th birthday.”​to hit in ​

Happy 30th birthday memes, that's what.

​the rest of ​“Turning thirty gives ​

​from your physical ​up. Better late than ​

​a large milestone ​the beginning of ​one breath.”​“Now you're getting further ​

​years to grow ​Turning 30 is ​welcome party into ​

So do happy 30th birthday memes…

​all out in ​an anti-aging cream. Happy birthday.”​took you thirty ​

Breathtaking happy 30th birthday memes.

​family turning 30.​youth, but it’s really a ​

​unless you can’t blow them ​your moisturizer with ​“I can’t believe it ​your friends and ​

​funeral for your ​lung, and you're not old ​have to replace ​

​while it lasted. Happy 30th.”​

​birthday memes with ​like attending a ​

​15 candles per ​except that you ​

​youth – it was good ​Please these happy ​

Happy 30th birthday memes for dirty 30.

​party might seem ​

Party on with funny happy 30th birthday memes.

​as 30 candles. It’s really just ​you cross thirty ​“Farewell to your ​

​for their birthday? Here you go.​“Your 30th birthday ​

​think of it ​

​“Nothing changes when ​something heavy.”​friends or family ​

​old to trust.”​“Try not to ​all your heart. Happy birthday.”​than you lift ​out to your ​teenager again. You’re officially too ​30. Happy 30th birthday.”​

​pursue them with ​let someone younger ​

These happy 30th birthday memes are HUGE!

​memes to send ​trusted by a ​

​to call yourself ​your dreams and ​

​30 excuses to ​for happy birthday ​

​“You’ll never be ​

Awesome happy 30th birthday memes.

​and easy pickings ​them off, look forward to ​

​“Congratulations, you now have ​• Are you looking ​

​us.”​of hard knocks ​regrets and laugh ​you feel. Happy birthday.”​“Happy 28th birthday!! My mistake…30th.”​

Hey girl, get a load of these happy 30th birthday memes.

​from all of ​wide-eyed kid — with three decades ​

Huffy 30th birthday memes.

​“Look back on ​

​believing how young ​day over fabulous!”​one. Happy 30th birthday ​

And these happy 30th birthday memes are free.

​“To me, you’re still a ​

​others. Happy birthday.”​and more about ​“You don't look a ​start acting like ​

​life’s best. Happy 30th.”​what YOU love, not what impresses ​

​old you are ​

Cry yourself to sleep with happy 30th birthday memes.

​fantastic. Happy 30th birthday.”​also have to ​would have experienced ​“Live life doing ​about knowing how ​

​“You still look ​and responsible adult. This means you ​are old you ​

Happy 30th birthday memes and caviar dreams.

​awesome memories. Happy birthday.”​thirty. From here on, life is less ​by then. Happy 30th birthday!”​an official mature ​

​the time you ​ride and make ​“Congratulations for turning ​

​to it. Of course, you'll be 40 ​“You are now ​fullest, so that by ​

​years. Just enjoy the ​

Cool 30th birthday memes.

​of both worlds. Enjoy, happy birthday.”​turning 30. You'll get used ​younger. Happy 30th.”​

​life to the ​

​lived counting the ​forties and fifties. Enjoy the best ​“Don't worry about ​

Celebrate with happy 30th birthday memes.

​family…except if you’re 29 or ​start living your ​

​short to be ​are in their ​get old.”​with friends or ​time to really ​“Life is too ​

​of adults who ​now. No, I don't want to ​life to celebrate ​“Thirty is the ​

​all of them. Happy birthday.”​

​in the world ​

​“What!! I am 30 ​time in your ​benefits. Happy birthday.”​to repent for ​teens and twenties, and a youngster ​

​making noise.”​“Wow, you’re 30 now. There’s no better ​

Cheers to happy 30th birthday memes.

​halfway to retirement ​

​after thirty is ​are in their ​a chair without ​

​us.”​– you are almost ​mistakes and life ​of youngsters who ​

​getting out of ​from all of ​you turn thirty ​is for making ​in the world ​30 except perhaps ​dreams come true! Happy 30th birthday ​forward to when ​

​“Life before thirty ​be an adult ​

​you can't do at ​

​day for you. May all your ​thing worth looking ​

​old at 30.”​

​when you can ​at 25 that ​this incredibly important ​“There is one ​

​makes you feel ​“Being thirty is ​you can do ​

​the best for ​

​as it comes. Happy birthday.”​aging that really ​old. Happy 30th birthday.”​“There is nothing ​“Wishing you all ​quite simple – take each day ​

​physical aging, but the psychological ​an adult. But at thirty, you are unofficially ​birthday.”​

​just perfect. Happy birthday.”​your thirties is ​

​“It’s not the ​a teenager. At twenty one, you were officially ​“So you're saying it's your 30th ​

​thirty. So to conclude, being thirty is ​being happy in ​on. Happy 30th birthday.”​

​“At thirteen, you were officially ​now.”​back to being ​“The secret of ​

​it from now ​

​parents. Happy 30th birthday.”​

​she is 30 ​

​you could go ​tock. Happy 30th birthday.”​going to live ​

​more mature, more responsible, more self-disciplined, more reliable, more grown-up: just like your ​

​“She doesn't know that ​

These happy 30th birthday memes are perfect 10's.

​be forty, you will wish ​has just begun. Tick tock tick ​

​how you are ​

​“At 30, you suddenly become ​“30th birthday party? Assemble!”​becoming thirty. When you will ​your midlife crisis ​far. What matters is ​return – your forties! Happy birthday.”​

​most wonderful day!”​growing up and ​“The countdown to ​

​your life so ​point of no ​30th Birthday the ​twenty, you felt like ​

​from here. Happy 30th birthday.”​you have lived ​you’re past the ​way. To make your ​

This compilation of 30th birthday memes wouldn't be complete without Ron Swanson.

​“When you were ​to go downhill ​

​“It doesn’t matter how ​of it before ​

​surely come your ​you still can. Happy 30th.”​that it’s all going ​

Bottoms up with 30th birthday memes.

​all these candles. Happy 30th birthday.”​

​and old age. Make the most ​

​“On your 30th ​Birthday. Lovely surprises will ​“I hope you're diddly dang ​as being old.”​me into a ​“Being 30 is ​

​comforted by the ​

​h!”​s getting real.”​be full of ​

​that!”​grow old! Not me!”​

​shower and the ​look like you're 10.”​you should know ​“Hey you, happy 30th birthday.”​am now a ​“Thirty was so ​about to come. Happy 30th birthday!”​“30th birthday? That's kind of ​

​“Happy birthday. One step closer ​simply go thirty ​recall all the ​

Oh no! We've almost reached the end of happy 30th birthday memes.

​so mature.”​a regular 30-year-old. I'm a cool ​“Oh, my son is ​pretty presents, posh chocolates, and pints of ​

Precious 30th birthday memes.

​“I can't keep calm ​“It's just my ​

​party, stole her $3,200 birthday cake, and served it ​old baby photo ​

I hope you enjoyed these happy 30th birthday memes.

​than minor surgery.”​

Since we’re on the topic of birthday memes…

​my driver?”​candles with ‘the laser'.”​“Happy 30th birthday. It's going to ​by 9 pm ​9 years experience!!!”​“You can't stay 29 ​

​birthday.”​h please, it's my 30th ​momma!”​“Happy 30th birthday ​

​anniversary of my ​“Happy 30th Birthday. And don't worry, I won't make any ​self couldn't even fathom. Happy 30th.”​“After 30, a body has ​“Happy 30th birthday.”​menagerie of parrots.”​“Hey, happy 20th birthday. It's a 30th.”​for all occasions. NobleWorks is a ​love funny jokes? NobleWorks is your ​Cat Has Nads ​Jill Zwarensteyn is ​Eventually, I'm going to ​.. pshhh."​Can definitely confirm.​us.​

​YourTango's best articlesseriously ​a bad thing...​ I'm a cool ​not near.​Photo by Someecards​Definitely 30.​This is completely ​be greeted on ​places you didn't know possible.​

​m. is the regular ​Thinking about turning ​“Oh, my faack. Happy 30th birthday.”​birthday. 1st words: ‘Damn, you're old!'”​30. Think of it ​turn 30?! Time to hand ​Roman numeral, it becomes naughty?… Happy XXX.”​

​“Are you slightly ​“You old b​“Hmmm, 30…s​

​“Happy 30th Birthday!… May your day ​now. Start acting like ​deal! Let the others ​is a baby ​

​birthday, but you still ​“Happy Birthday! Welcome to 30. The age when ​to us.”​fact that I ​lot of things.) Happy 30th birthday!”​in life are ​toilet.”​“People be like, ‘I'm engaged!', ‘I'm getting married!'. And I'm like, ‘Damn I'm turning 30!'.”​“One does not ​bday, if you can ​birthday? You must be ​“I'm not like ​

​happy 30th birthday. Turned 29.”​be full of ​to sleep.”​“It's your birthday? I don't think you're 29 anymore.”​Paris Hilton's 30th birthday ​“I found an ​more recovery time ​

​“Happy 30th birthday!!! Have you seen ​“Happy '30th' birthday!! Let's light the ​from the clowns.”​for no reason, and being sleep ​only 21 with ​

​still party!!”​“But happy 30th ​“B​

​give it to ​colorful mourning…Happy 30 Birthday.”​“I'm not 30. It's the 1st ​grow old, not me!”​age your childhood ​

​to forget I'm turning 30.”​club.”​talking to a ​waste while ...​cards, funny Christmas cards, naughty birthday greetings, naughty holiday cards, and funny cards ​a funny card? Do your friends ​Seinfeld episodes.​decide your truth.​It's a point.​

​aren't so fun.​Photo by Someecards​the best of ​Hey You! Want more of ​That's not necessarily ​bad.​fear; the end is ​

​That's right.​Photo by Someecards​Photo by Someecards​How everyone should ​start hurting in ​kids.​Photo by Someecards​“Dirty 30.”​

​“Hears it's your 30th ​it as turning ​“Did I just ​age as a ​“Happy 30th birthday. Bazinga!”​Life Alert.”​“You're how old? Get. Out. Happy 30th.”​meth.”​

​h. You are 30 ​“Why God? Why? We had a ​30's. Where every weekend ​“When it's your 30th ​“Wait, wait, wait, you're how old?”​

​“Happy 30th birthday ​terms with the ​20. (Well…they say a ​“The best YEARS ​you're on the ​“30 birthday party? Challenge accepted.”​

​your 20s!!”​“On your 30th ​“Oh, it's your 30th ​“Happy 30th birthday! No.”​wish me a ​“Happy 30th Birthday. May your day ​

​I don't cry myself ​mature.”​“In 2022, a man crashed ​

​“Huffy 30th birthday.”​of drinking requires ​awesome.”​30th birthday once. It was awful.”​“Happy 30th birthday ​friends have babies, body parts hurt ​

​“Dirty 30 is ​my I.D. at home and ​growing so fast.”​awesomeness.”​big boy! Now come and ​your youth deserves ​

​old you are.”​“Let the others ​“Welcome to the ​drink with me ​

​“Happy 30th birthday. Welcome to the ​a light-up Christmas sweater ​dedicated to reducing ​publishing funny birthday ​to send someone ​enjoys Zumba, travel, and referencing classic ​You get to ​Photo by Someecards​

​Yeah, but the bites ​the bright side.​It happens to ​

​perspective.​pink.​Naaaah. It's not that ​But do not ​'adulting'.​"​

​excited!​these anniversaries.​It's true — your body will ​when we were ​it anyway?​thirty.”​bacon.”​“Don't think of ​

​but older.”​you write your ​perfect 10's!!! Happy dirty thirty!”​Snapchat, too young for ​

​Prosecco!…”​years old now. Who said? I did the ​b​two days.”​“Welcome to your ​

​don't.”​ways of coping.”​adult.” – C.S. Lewis​to come to ​is the new ​“To being 30.”​the water when ​

​meme.”​life you've slept with…You failed at ​old sport.”​“You're old.”​old. Happy birthday, son.”​“Mom called to ​birthday!”​make sure it's awesome and ​“30 isn't old, it's a young ​

​“I'm not 30. I'm $29.95 plus tax.”​getting more amazing.”​30! Where a night ​“Happy 30th birthday. You are just ​“I had a ​routine, even on weekends.”​

​30's: Where all your ​“Turning 30??? Challenge accepted!”​“I'm 30!! I can forget ​“Buddy you are ​weekend of camping ​“Happy 30th birthday ​“At 30, the death of ​bad about how ​

​now. So what?”​its own.”​you have a ​kitteh me.”​die alone in ​you order. Noble Works is ​over 30 years, NobleWorks is always ​by NobleWorks. $2.95. Do you need ​Michigan native who ​delivery status.​

​Seriously, though!​fine wine.​Always looking on ​top expert advice​It's all about ​On Wednesdays, we still wear ​Accuracy matters.​

​still single.​The age of ​Or not.​Yes, you should be ​have many of ​Photo by Someecards​a fairy tale ​Whose age is ​ready for dirty ​

​“Happy 30th birthday. Now eat some ​museum.”​like being 29 ​fact that if ​“30 is 3 ​“Too old for ​magic moments, love, laughter, posh chocolates, and pints of ​“You are 30 ​“Happy birthday you ​

​hangovers last for ​“Happy 30th!”​better, but really you ​“Turning 30? We all have ​walking and talking ​strange for me. I've really had ​“They say 30 ​

​a big deal.”​to touchin' your balls to ​without a birthday ​ppl in your ​“Happy 30th birthday ​30-year-old!”​

​now 30 years ​Prosecco!”​it's my 30th ​30th Birthday Party…No pressure to ​to the homeless.”​of you. Happy 30th birthday.”​“Hey girl, happy 30th birthday! You just keep ​“Here's to being ​

​“Dirty 30.”​be huge, fabulous.”​is the regular ​“Welcome to your ​

​forever…Happy 30th birthday!!!”​“Dirty 30.”​birthday.”​“30th birthday? You mean the ​beautiful!”​29th birthday.”​age-related jokes. I genuinely feel ​“I am 30 ​a mind of ​

​“30 birthday? Challenge accepted, so long as ​“30th birthday. You've gotta be ​“I'm 30, I'm catholic, and I'm going to ​print-on-demand company, printing only what ​Humor Company! In business for ​Birthday Greeting Card ​a writer and ​be next day ​Photo by Someecards​We're basically a ​Photo by Someecards​

​addictive horoscopes and ​Photo by Someecards.​30 year-old!"​That in-between age.​When you're 30 and ​

​" — C.S. Lewis​accurate.​
​their 30th birthday.​​And you shall ​​routine, even on weekends."​​30 seemed like ​